Best Adult animated shows to watch online

Once upon a time, animated shows were limited to kid’s entertainment. Yes, even adults used to watch those and enjoy. But today, there are several shows aimed primarily at the adult population. Why should kids have all the fun? There is a big range of adult animated shows, ranging from politics and daily living right

Best Anime shows of all time

People who live outside Japan use the term ‘Anime’ to describe all the animated productions created in the land of the rising sun. While comic books usually preceded the animated cartoons that came from the western world, there are no “anime comic books’. But Japan has comics that inspired many anime series. Anime is popular

The top cartoon shows from the 1980s

The Eighties were a great time to be a kid. Color televisions were becoming a household item and children could finally get some dedicated TV time. Compared to the present age, things were quite different back then. Today, parents are forcing the kids to get out and play. Back then, parents had to drag their kids