What’s The Fascination With Animated Porn?

The porn industry has no shortage of categories. Those who check out adult content regularly know the most popular ones. Lesbian, ebony, BBW, MILF, amateur and VR porn, are among the most recognized. Interestingly enough, hentai, anime and cartoon porn are also among the most viewed. The last three come as a surprise to people who don’t know about them. Or to those who are not regular visitors or viewers of adult content. However, cartoon porn movies and hentai adult films obtain millions of views each day. Some manage to become more popular than hardcore porno films depicting actual humans.

So how exactly did all of this come about? Better yet, when did the fascination with hentai porn videos, anime porn and cartoon adult movies get so huge? If you ask this question to porn consumers of either of those categories, they will tell you their answer without shame. For them, they prefer animated sex instead of realistic human sex due to several reasons. The first, is because ironically enough, some of them find real humans to be ‘fake’ or ‘gross.’ Secondly, anime, hentai and cartoon porn provide them with better scenarios. These are fantastical, wild and often outrageous outcomes.

Many of the situations portrayed on cartoon porn videos and hentai movies, are part of their popularity. The circumstances or actions which take place in these animated scenes, cannot be done in the real world. At least not using real human beings to carry them out. That same concept also plays a major role in why the genres are so well-received. Since there are no actual human beings in these fantastical or wild scenes, the viewers feel not guilt or remorse. In part, that’s because many of the hardcore cartoon porn movies, have violent, illegal and twisted sex acts taking place.

For people who may think that cartoon, hentai and anime porn are fads, they need to understand statistics. Top porn sites have reported that keywords related to animated porn, spiked by almost 200% last year. Some experts and industry insiders have different takes on why this is happening. A few sex experts and psychologists lean one way, while others point to a different direction. Still, there is no denying how popular, addictive and watched hentai porn videos and anime porn are. The same for cartoon pornographic material.

In case you don’t know, hentai originated in Japan. The word ‘hentai’ in Japanese actually means ‘sexual desire that is perverse.’ Some believe that the women in hentai and cartoon porn videos are prettier, hotter and raunchier. They are also perfect in every sense of the word. These characters are beautifully drawn or computer-generated. Their tits, ass, body and faces, resemble those of real women. But, the boobs are perfectly round and big. The pussies are so well drawn, that they appear to mimic real-life vaginas.

Another key factor in why animated pornography is so popular today is because of the fantasy factor. In addition, some of the sex scenes that take place in the animated world, would be impossible to do with real humans. More importantly, the sex acts are illegal to do real life.

The latter has already been pointed as one of the key factors which helps make hentai, anime and cartoon porn videos so popular. Viewers often see sex acts taking place which involve violent rapes or even mutilation. But, since the characters are not real humans, they don’t feel guilty about what plays out in front of them.

Nostalgia also plays an important role in why these three genres are so popular. People grew up and grow up watching cartoons. Most may have had or found some sexual turn-ons from them. Disney princess and princes or other hot animated toons could have caused a childhood crush. Despite when the fixation was based on characters which were animated. A great deal of the cartoon porn videos for example, depict animated characters many of us have grown to love. The popular Simpsons, American Dad, Disney and others, come to mind. Many of them can be found having wild and raunchy sex with other animated personalities.

In the end, there are countless reasons people enjoy watching hardcore hentai porn videos. The same for cartoon and anime porn movies. The impossible situations, no doubt play a major role. The fantastical scenarios also help boost them to the top spots. After all, fantasy and fetishes are part of why traditional porn is so well-liked.

Once you are able to make a world where all the characters are perfect, it’s enticing. When you can make any personality take part in sex acts not found anywhere else, it’s also a key element. Adding technological advancements which make these animated porn videos seem real, is important as well. Combined all together, they make up the perfect world and situations for the viewer. Albeit, even if all are animated ones.